Allison Swan – Fashion & Beauty Guru

Allison survived her ugly duckling years by hiding in the library and losing herself in one book after another.

These days she gets more dates than she did back then, but she still enjoys spending the occasional Friday night at home reading.

When she isn’t curled up with her dog Bambi and a good book, Allison can be found on the red carpet interviewing everyone from Angelina Jolie to Zac Efron.

Allison has been breaking news and bringing in the scoop for over a decade—writing and reporting for all the leading entertainment news outlets, including, Star magazine, Life & Style, In Touch, OK magazine, RadarOnline, MailOnline, and HollywoodLife.

Allison isn’t just a Hollywood big wig though, she’s also a published author. Allison penned the tween-centric tabloid romp, Kiss n Tell book, along with co-author, Suzy McCoppin. The book was published in 2014, and is currently under development by E!TV.

But, Allison’s true passion is fashion and beauty—her bathroom would put Sephora to shame, and her closet gives even Barneys a run for their money.

Want to know all about the hottest new products? Allison’s your girl! The best skin care routines? Ask Allison! All the latest fashion fails and style wins, red carpet wows and no nos? Yep, Allison! How to get the latest high fashion looks at pocket book friendly prices? You got it, Allison!

Dedicated to keeping her finger on the product pulse, Allison is also committed to living the 420 surfs-up beach dream. Because, it’s all about the balance y’all.