Helen Thomas – SEO Director

Helen leaves no stone unturned when it comes to identifying and unearthing SEO issues—and, is dogged to a T at ensuring websites are fully optimized—ensuring high search engine ranking and maximized traffic.

Coming from an accounting and database-building background, it’s no surprise that Helen loves nothing more than sinking her teeth into a challenging and multi-layered SEO project. Sorting logically and methodically through reams and reams of data until she gets to the crux of the matter, eliminating issues one by one, then creating a clear and concise game plan to ensure SEO best practice going forward.

Recently, Helen has been further honing her skills with Britain’s leading newspaper website—working as their SEO Editor—but she’s also walked on the other side of the editorial fence. Helen previously worked as Executive Editor for the music-centric pop culture website, Popdust.com. And, anything she doesn’t know about the Real Housewives, well, just isn’t worth knowing.

Yep, really.